Easily download Windows Spotlight Images

Windows displays random images on the lock screen, from the Spotlight collection of landscape, nature and abstract pictures.  Easily download the ones you like.

Framing time

Windows shows random images on the lock screen, which are periodically downloaded.  However, its not easy to save these images if you find one you particularly like. 

This program shows all the Spotlight images available, allowing you to save one or all to an alternative location.

Run regularly to keep the images you like.  Or can be set to run automatically saving all the images.  Build up your own personal library of fantastic landscape, nature and abstract photographs.


program.zip (2 KB)


This program requires the Microsoft .Net 4.8 runtimes to be installed.  If you have Windows 10 or 11, then you've probably already got these installed.  If not, you can download them from here.