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This program is for the Trainstation game, where you become a railroad magnate and shift cargo around between various stations.  You have to complete various contracts for different ‘clients’, obtaining rewards in the process.

While playing this game, the contracts became more and more complex – collect 40,000 steel from this person, 20,000 steel from this person, 10,000 wood from someone else, etc.  As you progress, the game allows you to send goods to more than one client at a time, so you have to remember more closely who wants what and when.  After scribbling notes down on pieces of paper, this program was born.

Simply enter the contract details (eg, George wants 25,000 nails and 25,000 wood) and you can then easily enter how much you’ve delivered to this client to monitor how much more you need to send.  You can view details by client or by item, so you can see who else needs Nails or Wood.


This program requires the Microsoft .NET 4 library to be installed.  If you have Windows 8, then you’ve got it already.  I admit its a meaty download, and a lot of people moan about it, but once you’ve got it installed, its done.  Its a bit like going to the dentist.

Simply download the installation program (1 MB), run the .exe and away we go.  In future, simply download the program file, which can be found via the link on the right … over there … underneath ‘Latest Version’.


Download (1 MB)


Latest Version

25 Apr- Please download the setup program to download the latest version.

Known Issues

• If you add a new contract for a new person or a new contract with new items, you may have to flip tabs to make it refresh.
• There is currently no way to remove unwanted items from the drop-down list.  I’ll add a ‘maintenance’ thingy.
• I’ve just found it doesn’t work on Windows 7 or Windows 8, due to the restrictions of writing to files in c:\program files.  Oops.  Didn’t test that properly.  Install into another directory, eg, c:\trainstation for it all to work.  I’ll work on a fix.
• I’ve also just found I’ve updated the program, but not the database.  Argh – that’ll teach me to rush the uploading of the setup file.  If you get an error when adding a new contract about ‘could not find field beingDelivered’ then you need to delete c:\program files\trainstation.sdb, redownload the setup program (as I’ve corrected it now) and reinstall.  It should then work properly.


The program ‘learns’, so initially, it knows nothing so displays nothing.  Click ‘New Contract’ and the client dropdown may also be empty.  Thats OK.  It learns.  Simply enter the name of the client (eg, George) and go to the ‘Item’ dropdown.  Yes, this will be empty too, so enter “Nails” and go to the quantity field and enter how many nails you want, eg, 20000.  Click “Add”.  If no more items, click “OK”.
Tip: You can enter “20k” instead of “20000”, or “89k” instead of “89000”.

When you next add a contract, it’ll remember what items you’ve added and previous clients.

Heres a short video explaining this – pictures are worth a thousand words!

Items Delivered

Once goods have been delivered, you can enter this into the system, to keep things up to date.  If a contract has been completed, then obviously you don’t need to update the delivery amounts – simply click the ‘Contract Completed’ button.
Tip: As above, you can enter “20k” instead of “20000”, or “89k” instead of “89000”.

Heres a short video explaining this – pictures are worth a thousand words!

Requirements by Item

requirements by item After entering contract details, by clicking the tab “Requirements by Item” you’ll quickly see who needs what of the same item.  This is useful when you can send trains to more than one client at a time, so you can properly manage trains more efficiently.

As I enjoyed playing with Camtasia, heres another video explaining this.

Eating My Own Dog Food

This program is used extensively by me, so is in constant development.  I’m aware that you have to press the Refresh button more than you should, so hopefully that’ll be fixed in a later version.  Also, I want to note which clients have which trains, so its easier to tell (for example) if you can send diesel trains to both Lucy and Mahatma, etc.  I’ll listen to all development ideas, so if you’d like the program to do something, drop me a line using the form at the bottom, and we’ll see if it can be put into action.


The program will display an advert every couple of hours or so.  When I’m not busy tinkering with VB, I like designing website, so if you need a nice shiny website, let me know.  To stop the adverts, simply donate 1.50 GBP (the price of a good app these days on various app stores) and you can have your own ad-free version.

I’m also offering a ‘affiliate’ scheme.  This is a handy program, and Trainstation has hundreds of users.  Not everyone uses the Trainstation Facebook page, so to help spread the word, there is an incentive to give it to your friends! When you donate and obtain your own copy of the program, you’ll be given an ID number.  If someone else donates and quotes this ID number, you’ll receive 30% of their donation.  This means if three people donate from your ID, you’ve got your money back!  Anything after that is pure profit!  Wow – you could be a millionaire within a month.*

* Probably not.  Sorry.


Any problems, please drop me an email at where it’ll sit in my inbox for about a year until its then deleted.  No, not really.  Each and every email will be lovingly caressed and replied to.

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As mentioned above, I’ll be updating this program quite often.  If you want to be kept up to date (as I won’t post to the Trainstation Facebook every time) then please subscribe and I’ll email you when its time to download the updated version.

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