Dymo Software- Error in markup file- DYMO.DLS;component/MainWindow.xaml

After using a Dymo LabelWriter 450 quite happily for several months, the Dymo software died with the above error – “Error in markup file”.  Wouldn’t load up.  Tried reinstalling, and it gave the same error.  Rebooted, updated various software, reinstalled .NET, etc.  No joy.  Reloaded the Dymo software to another directory, and it suddenly all worked again.  Joy!  Until recently, when it failed again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t record the steps I used previously, so again, time was wasted reinstalling the software, .NET runtimes, trying to find what file it was moaning about, etc.  I guess a quick ‘history’ here – I’ve had to shut my machine down recently, and when it comes back up, several files have been ‘zeroed’ or lost – some programs have complained about lost config files, etc, and after investigating, it seems (and they tend to be XML files) are blank.  I’ve put this down to the write cache on the disk – programs save their settings upon exit, and something in Windows is flushing these requests.

Anyway… to summarise, I thought it was my machine.  Turned out, simply renaming the directory solved the error.  How weird is that?!  See this video… (click the ‘Full screen’ icon in the bottom right corner…)