Credit Calculation Calculator

Was recently trying to determine whether it was worth getting a 0% credit card deal, and if so, how to split the transfer and balance the figures.  Both cards needed a minimum payment each month (normally 2.25%) so paying off one card so you didn’t have to pay so much interest, against another card having a minimum payment …. so the original card couldn’t be paid as quickly…

27_0922[1]Throwing figures into Excel soon became confusing.  If you did this, then that, that gave those figures.  Or was it those?  Where did that column come from?  *sigh*
So I wrote a quick calculator.  Throw in the amount, how much you want to spend, and it’ll calculate how many payment it’ll take.  It also takes into account promotional interest – so on that 0% deal, you get 15 free months, and then the interest kicks in.


The program is a single .EXE, but does require Microsoft .NET 4 Runtimes.



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