OK, serious question.  When you click the above link, you get an AOL login page.  Have you tried to login on this page? If so, DON’T – thats the purpose of the links – to get AOL logins.  If Lulus hubby is sending out this shit, chances are he’s done just that. Don’t email LuluContinue reading

Error 0x80070190 When Activating Office 2010

I’ve activated hundreds of copies of Office 2010.  Ok, maybe about 60.  But they’ve all worked.  Recently though, they’ve started to fail with a stupid bizarre message – “error 0x80070190 – try again later”.  Well, thanks. The short answer is that this happens after you install SP2, and you have to activate as an elevatedContinue reading


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Parking in Colchester

The best car park is St Botolphs.  It doesn’t have a postcode, but there is a barbers shop next door, which is CO2 7EF. NB: Parking is 50p for the evening.  The machines accept all manner of change.  To annoy the attendants, I always pay in 5ps… [google-map-v3 width=”900″ height=”500″ zoom=”17″ maptype=”roadmap” mapalign=”center” directionhint=”false” language=”default” poweredby=”false”Continue reading


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The MAXIMUM Possible Results! Learn more customers Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. More portfolio Etiam pharetra, tellus sit amet congue vulputate. More scheduling Cras elit nisl, rhoncus nec iaculis rhoncus ultricies. More discussions Aenean sollicitudin arcu  pellentesque ac felis. More calculations Phasellus elit dolor, porttitor id consectetur sit amet. More company Pellentesque ac felisContinue reading