OK, serious question.  When you click the above link, you get an AOL login page.  Have you tried to login on this page?

If so, DON’T – thats the purpose of the links – to get AOL logins.  If Lulus hubby is sending out this shit, chances are he’s done just that.
Don’t email Lulu or her hubby to change their password though – as the gits who’ve broken into her account will read it first, change the password, then SHE’LL be locked out.
Tell her to change her AOL passwords, and her hubby too, then any password that might be in her email.
For example, assume she has an Amazon account.  If the hackers have access to her email, they go to Amazon, click the ‘oops I forgot my passowrd’, they follow that, delete the email, etec, etc.  It can get scary REAL quick.  Emails are the entry point into everything else.
Tell her to set a really secure password, but a phrase – so if she’s selling books, then “i really want my new book to sell millions”.  Take every two letters.  irewamynebotosemi.  Thats a long password, and not a dictionary password, but easy enough to remember.  I’d also stick 6421 on the end of that, as the previous one can still be hit by brute force.
Never use the same password across other systems – if they’ve read her emails, then they’ll know she has (for example) an amazon account.  Ooh, I wonder if her amazon password is the same as the one she just typed in … or a variant of it … lulu1 or lulu2, etc.
Lastly, ensure you do the above – the hackers know you’re lulus friend (they just look at the sent items) so have your AOL email address, so will brute force that with dictionary words too.  Gits.